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  1. ask a boss
     8 Ways to Nail Your Virtual InterviewStep one: Pants. Wear them.
  2. ask a boss
    ‘My Boss Keeps Pressuring Me to Stop Working from Home’Some managers assume that their trustworthy employees will suddenly transform into slackers if no one’s watching them. It’s insulting.
  3. my two cents
    ‘Might as Well Use This Time to Get a Divorce’Some couples are fixing up their homes. Others are prepping their papers.
  4. advice
    The Hottest Thing a Man Can DoIs wear a face mask.
  5. ask polly
    ‘Why Do My Friendships Always Fade Away?’You have to learn to ask your friends for what you want from them.
  6. ask a boss
    ‘My Boss Wants to Cut My Hours But Keep My Workload’Do what you can. It isn’t your responsibility to get everything done.
  7. my two cents
    How Do I Shop Ethically?There’s no foolproof way to do it, but here are a few things you should think about.
  8. ask a boss
    ‘My Boss Is Smothering the Hell Out of Me’Ma’am — I am sheltering in place. Please stop asking if I did anything fun last night.
  9. my two cents
    ‘I Hate My Job! Do I Have to Suck It Up Until the Economy Recovers?’You shouldn’t have to torture yourself for a paycheck, but you do need to make a lot of plans.
  10. ask polly
    ‘I Feel Ugly and Lonely and I Don’t Know How to Change’It’s time to abandon your old tricks and feel your way forward.
  11. ask a boss
    ‘Should I Ask an Employee to Dress Better for Video Calls?’ Truly, who cares?
  12. self
    A Beginner’s Guide to Tarot CardsEverything you need to know to get started reading the cards.
  13. my two cents
    ‘I Want to Support Businesses in Need — But Can I Afford It?’I’d like to give what I can, but my own situation isn’t very stable. How much is reasonable?
  14. hairy situations
    Why Can’t I Bleach My Own Hair?A stylist explains.
  15. ask a boss
    ‘I Feel So Guilty About Laying Off My Staff’You can ensure they are handled with empathy and compassion rather than soullessly.
  16. advice
    Come On, You Can Do BetterPerfect social distancing isn’t possible, but we still have to try.
  17. my two cents
    ‘I’m Only Sort of Unemployed, But I’m Going Broke Fast’This won’t be an easy time. So take a breath, look at your finances, and do the math.
  18. ask polly
    ‘Is This the Worst Possible Time to Break Up With Someone?’Now is the time to shower the people around you with compassion.
  19. ask a boss
    ‘I’m So Lonely — But Is Talking About It Annoying My Co-workers?’People might not have the emotional bandwidth for this right now.
  20. advice
    Make Some Pickled Red Onions This WeekendThey’re easy to make, delicious, and will revive even your most tired home-cooked meals.
  21. my two cents
    ‘I’m Pregnant and My Business Just Collapsed’Good news: You should qualify for a lot of help. Bad news: The process will be messy.
  22. relationships
    50 Questions to Ask Your GirlfriendHere are some unexpected, funny ideas for getting into deeper conversation with your partner.
  23. advice
    How Do I Wear a Face Mask Without Fogging Up My Glasses?Here are a few methods to attempt.
  24. advice
    The Art of Flirting (Over Text)On openers, emojis, and general etiquette.
  25. ask a boss
    ‘Is It Okay to Fire Someone in the Midst of a Pandemic?’You shouldn’t take away someone’s livelihood right now if you can avoid it.
  26. my two cents
    The Best Way to Worry About Money Right NowFocus on what you can control, even if it’s very little.
  27. relationships
    Esther Perel’s Advice for Couples Under Lockdown”Disasters generally operate as an accelerator in a relationship.”
  28. relationships
    A Therapist’s Advice For Couples Isolating TogetherThanks to tight quarters (and looming existential dread), partners are arguing about everything and nothing at all.
  29. ask polly
    ‘I Don’t Think I Can Handle 18 Months of Isolation’Resolve not to fixate on the millions of terrifying possibilities you cannot control.
  30. ask a boss
    How Am I Supposed to Focus on Work Right Now?Remember, these aren’t normal times.
  31. parenting
    Homeschooling Tips From Actual TeachersThis is not the time for color-coded lesson plans, but there are ways to build a little flexible structure into your days.
  32. my two cents
    Is There A Good Money Plan Right Now?It’s time to focus on what you can control.
  33. ask a boss
    How the Hell Are We Supposed to Work Now?I’m hearing from people who are concerned about all the ways coronavirus and social distancing will impact their jobs.
  34. advice
    Time to Take Some NudesA guide to taking a great naked photo, whether or not you own a full-length mirror.
  35. ask polly
    ‘Is My Sexy Poet Friend Manipulating Me?’You need to spend some time thinking about the value of boundaries.
  36. coronavirus
    Now Is the Perfect Time to Lower the Parenting BarTrust me: I’m a mom who’s worked from home since the financial crash of 2009.
  37. ask a boss
    ‘My Manager Expects Me to Babysit Her Rambunctious Kid at Work’She’s abusing her power, whether she intends to or not. You weren’t hired for this.
  38. culture
    13 Things To Watch That Have Nothing to Do With the NewsFrom The Godfather to Something’s Gotta Give, here’s what you should watch while you’re stuck at home.
  39. my two cents
    ‘I Have a Degenerative Medical Condition. Why Should I Save for the Future?’Money gives you more and better options, period.
  40. ask a boss
    Job Interview Tips: How to Survive 10 Awkward SituationsWhat should you say when you don’t know the answer to a question? How do you explain you were fired?
  41. advice
    What Are You Supposed to Talk to People About?An expert helps us navigate awkward silences.
  42. coronavirus
    Here’s the Coronavirus Advice a Doctor Gives Her FamilyFrom someone who deals with a lot of sick people, and who also loves you very much.
  43. ask polly
    ‘I’m Trans and I Feel Unlovable’Stop retelling other people’s bad stories and write your own instead.
  44. ask a boss
    ‘My Boss Keeps Trying to Hang Out With Me’Few people want to receive critical feedback on their work from the person they had drinks with last night.
  45. help!!!
    How to Clean Your Disgusting Makeup BrushesIt’s annoying, but you can do it.
  46. my two cents
    How Can I Get My Husband Off My Back About Money?When your husband isn’t stressing about the dinner bill, he probably needs your spontaneity to save him from a life of boredom.
  47. ask polly
    ‘My Dream Man Moved On. Should I Wait For Him?’You need to start loosening your grip on this obsession.
  48. ask a boss
    How to Write a Perfect Resignation LetterTo leave on good terms, you should have a face-to-face conversation first.
  49. my two cents
    How Much Should I Be ‘Investing’ in Myself?We’re all stuck in an endless line of questioning about what we might regret versus what we’ll be grateful for doing — risk versus potential reward.
  50. ask polly
    ‘I Can’t Get Over My Married Lover!’Look around and ask yourself what this guy had that you wanted.
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