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Writer-at-large, the Cut.

  1. excellent ideas
    This Craft Project Can Help You Escape Pesky ZoomsSick of video chatting? I know someone who isn’t.
  2. another earth
    Unfortunately, We Cannot Move to Super-EarthThe recently discovered planet does sound tempting though.
  3. good as gold
    Vanderpump Rules Editor Admits to “Embarrassing” This Cast MemberOne SUR-ver has been singled out for humiliation — can you guess who?
  4. stuck with u
    Oh God, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s Video Made Me CryIt’s for their new song, “Stuck With U,” and features clips from fans and celebrities isolating at home.
  5. fetch the bolt cutters
    In Honor of Fiona Apple’s New AlbumOn behalf of the release of Fetch the Bolt Cutters, the Cut gets nostalgic.
  6. goodnight
    This Luxurious Bedtime Ritual Costs Only 5 MinutesHow to provide turndown service — for yourself.
  7. why not
    Maybe Dye a Shirt With a Beet?An easy activity that leaves you with two nice things: a shirt and a beet.
  8. personal project
    Balls Up, Balls DownPracticing a small surprise for future social situations.
  9. show a little faith
    Checking In on Bruce SpringsteenIn a SiriusXM special, the Boss said he misses hot dogs and walking along the promenade in Asbury Park.
  10. dreaded puzzles
    Rabid Puzzle Fans Quickly Depleting World’s Resources of PuzzlesPuzzle-makers are struggling to fulfill the newly high demand.
  11. advice
    How Do I Wear a Face Mask Without Fogging Up My Glasses?Here are a few methods to attempt.
  12. health
    Do I Have Allergies or the Coronavirus?An early start to allergy season has left many of us asking the same question.
  13. the cut opinion pages
    I Wouldn’t Do a Puzzle If It Were the Last Activity on EarthUnpaid labor for no one’s benefit — why?
  14. urgent personal question
    Do I Need Good Posture to Use a Standing Desk?It’s possible that our makeshift home desks are doing more harm than good.
  15. dreams
    What Does It Mean If You Dream About Dogs?Are dogs running, barking, and chasing you in your sleep? Here’s what that could mean.
  16. coronavirus
    How Do Our Dogs Feel About This?Can dogs sense our anxiety? And what do they think about us being home all the time? We asked a canine cognition expert.
  17. dreams
    What Does It Mean If You Dream About Fish?Catching a fish in your dreams, or watching them swim in a tank? Here’s how the experts interpret it.
  18. coronavirus
    So … How Are We Supposed to Open Doggy Poop Bags Now?Methods to help with the fact that licking your thumb and forefinger is no longer an option.
  19. coronavirus
    How to Help Animal Shelters During the Coronavirus PandemicFundraising events are canceled and fewer people are adopting. Here’s what we can do.
  20. coronavirus
    Stress Grinding? It Might Be Time to Buy a MouthguardIn times of increased stress, it’s nice to at least not have to worry about the degradation of your teeth.
  21. coronavirus
    Please Just Stay Home!Enjoy your space. Feel grateful you can. Don’t potentially spread a pandemic.
  22. coronavirus
    So … Can Dogs Get COVID-19, or What?How concerned should we be about the health of our sweet friends?
  23. keeping up with the royals
    Has Meghan Markle Taken Her Final Curtsy?The 2020 Commonwealth Day service was her final engagement as a senior royal. But what does this mean for her curtsying?
  24. a real down to mars name
    Did NASA Name the 2020 Mars Rover After You?If would be very flattering, if so.
  25. hot shot
    Do You Think Meghan and Harry Are Happy?It’s hard to tell from this gorgeous photo of them grinning ear-to-ear and gazing at one another lovingly.
  26. advice
    What Are You Supposed to Talk to People About?An expert helps us navigate awkward silences.
  27. coronavirus
    Coronavirus Is Only One Reason Why You Should Stop Biting Your NailsThe already-unfortunate habit also spreads germs.
  28. imagined conversations
    What Do Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Text About?Pete Buttigieg? Coronavirus? The Sopranos?
  29. goals
    Here’s How to Conquer Your To-do ListA new study sheds some light on that one thing you can’t seem to get done.
  30. our little corner of the world
    This Gilmore Girls Fan Account Is the Best Place OnlinePlease, step into my deeply odd oasis.
  31. keeping up with the royals
    Which Food Item Did Prince Harry Buy?We’ll give you seven hints — but only seven!
  32. no thanks
    Dairy Milk Is Even More Useless Than You ThoughtA new report looks closely at the (lack of) evidence surrounding the USDA recommendation of three servings a day.
  33. relaxation techniques
    The Sanity-Saving Pleasure of the Background BingeA show you can “watch” while cleaning, or emailing, or leaving the room entirely.
  34. oh daniel!
    Daniel Did a Good Job, Too, and He Deserves RespectThe golden retriever did not win Best in Show, but he did win our hearts.
  35. you'd be rich
    Damn, Imagine If You Were Part of the Cast of FriendsThe actors have reportedly been offered more than $2 million each for a reunion special. What if it were you?
  36. valentine's day
    Valentine’s Day Is a Holiday for the AbsurdReplace the hastily bought gift with something almost … too personal.
  37. valentine's day
    How to Host the Perfect Valentine’s Day Film FestivalHere are the movies to watch, and the order to watch them in.
  38. regrets
    Aw, Man, We Missed Palindrome DaySunday was the first one in 909 years!
  39. keeping up with the royals
    Can Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Close Car Doors Now?We asked a royal etiquette expert.
  40. helpful tips
    How to Properly Greet a Dog: A Guide for Mike BloombergSome handy tips for the candidate, who recently attempted to perform a handshake with a dog’s snout.
  41. poetry
    What Time Is the Super Bowl?A poem.
  42. hot shot
    Can You Identify This Man?Hmm … I’m trying to read his name tag …
  43. oh mummy!
    Ooh, Your Boyfriend Sounds So SexyA team of researchers re-created the voice of a 3,000-year-old mummy — and he is hot!
  44. hooray it's winter
    Remember to Get In Your Winter FunTime is running out!
  45. an investigation
    Wait — What Instagram Ads Do Men See?A dive into uncharted targeted-ad territory.
  46. moonage daydream
    A Billionaire Is Searching for a Girlfriend to Take to the MoonCould you be the lucky lady?
  47. zzzzz
    The Best Sleeping Positions for Better Sleep and HealthA sleep-disorder specialist helps us get some rest.
  48. vanderpump rules
    Car Plows Through Brunch at Lisa Vanderpump’s RestaurantPump got an unfortunate visit from a sports car on Sunday.
  49. t.s. eliot
    T.S. Eliot Posthumously Clarifies His Sexual HistoryA newly released letter clarifies the poet’s relationship with Emily Hale.
  50. keeping up with the royals
    Why Is Meghan Markle Only Following One Instagram Account?The royal couple announced a social media change for the New Year.
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