This Teen’s Summer 2017 Bucket List Is Going Viral and It’s Amazing


Looking for ? Check out one teen’s bucket list, reportedly found in an Urban Outfitters dressing room.
Below, a few of the inspired plans (What’s randyland?):

3. “have sex”

青青青国产在观免费20184. “give two blow jobs”

6. “8 hoe pics for Instagram”

8. “hu w/Jacob (again) [completed]

青青青国产在观免费201814. “get a manicure”

15. “get a pedicure”

16. “randyland”

17. “get drunk all the time” [completed]

19. “do summer reading”

21. “pet a giraffe”

23. “go to flagstaff drunk”

25. “get a boob hickey”

30. “buy Ray-Bans”

青青青国产在观免费201836. “buy 7 bikinis”

Read the full list:

This Amazing Summer Bucket List Is Going Viral