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Wait Till You Get a Load of Chris Evans’s Beauty Routine

It's you, Chris Evans.
It’s you, Chris Evans. Photo: RB/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

This week will go down in the history books as the week that we learned a lot more about Chris Evans than we ever thought we needed to know. He’s dating Jenny Slate, he’s really into , he’s got a “say hi to your mother for me” twinge in his Boston-suburbs accent. And now we know what Evans keeps underneath his bathroom sink: a bunch of cheap crap from the drugstore.

, who is no relation of mine, what beauty products he “can’t live without.” Evans remarked that he likes to keep things “simple, classic, and clean.” He continued: “I just like things to be easy in my everyday life. I don’t even like shaving.”青青青国产在观免费2018 Gotta respect that. What, pray tell, does keeping things simple, classic, and clean mean for Captain America?

青青青国产在观免费20181. (2 bars for $4)

2. ($80)

3. ($10)

4. ($3)

5. ($1)

6. ($13)

Evans’s beauty routine costs him, a rich and famous movie actor, $111. Besides the Tancho High Grade Tique Stick (??), Evans is exactly who I thought he would be: a man who needs to pop into Duane Reade real quick before the game starts.

Get a Load of Chris Evans’s Beauty Routine